Key questions

Is your project irresistible for your customers, your employees and for you?
  • Do you have this vision, irresistible not only for the managers but also for the employees?
  • Do the people working in your company know why they are working there?
  • Do they understand the company strategy and decisions?

Does your management team have the ability to follow the success?

  • Are the persons in charge of your project managers or leaders?
  • If they are leaders, what authority have you given them?
  • Is this authority recognised?

Are your teams productive?

  • Why would I want to come and work here?
  • Why would I want to inject that little extra spark of enthusiasm?
  • Why would I do more than what I owe you by contract?
People do not work to earn a living. They already have their life!
  • In your organisation, is there a spirit of solidarity?
  • Do they like working together? Do they like working for your organisation, your project?
  • As a result, is production good in your organisation?