The diagnosis DRSO

The Diagnosis of Systemic Resonance of Organisations
is an on-line 360° audit


9 nerve centres of your organisation are highlighted to define an action plan that matches your employees to define the priority workshops.

Each team member is asked 81 questions. A 3D image of the entire system, called the Resonance Diagnosis, is produced.


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The Vision is a perception of the future supported by the leader of an Organisation.

  • The leader imagines what the world will be like in the more or less near future.
  • He describes what the sector of activity in which his Organisation works will resemble.
  • He then positions his Organisation in this future.


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This term designates the direction in which the Organisation wants to go, the strategic orientations, and the meaning that the employees give them.


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It contains all the elements necessary to monitor the strategic orientations and make the Vision possible.  The major steps, costed objectives, human and financial resources, back-schedule, plan B, etc.)


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Antoher word for authority. This notion is defined by the mission status and the role of the leaders in their decision-making scope.


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How do the leaders protect the Organisation’s strategic orientations and the activities of the employees?


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Another for Feed-back.

The statutory or occasional leaders have the duty to enhance the Organisation’s Vision and enhance their employees.


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Is defined by the impact that the quality of relations within the teams has on productivity.


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Support is also sometimes referred to as solidarity in the Diagnosis.


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It reflects determination and initiative of each person to communicate, speak out and solve difficulties.